New Orleans native Peyton Manning is about to get stoned. Or maybe he's about to get bronzed. Regardless he is about to immortalized with a statue bearing is his likeness. Guess where it's going to be?

If you said Omaha. You'd be incorrect but I could see why you might say that. If you said New Orleans, you'd be incorrect as well. Somebody would just find a reason to tear it down if they put it there.

The natural place for a Peyton Manning statue is Indianapolis. After all, Manning was the face of the Indianapolis Colts for 13 seasons. He could have been the face of the San Diego Chargers but they opted for Ryan Leaf one of the NFL's biggest draft busts ever.

Speaking of busts, the statue of Manning will be presented to football fans during the NFL week 5 contest between the Colts and the 49ers. Manning's number 18 jersey will also be retired in ceremonies at that same contest.

You know, come to think of it, a Peyton Manning statue in New Orleans might not be a bad idea. The artwork could immortalize that 4th quarter interception he threw that basically sealed the Saints' Superbowl win in 2009. I like that idea better than sticking a statue in Indy.

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