Vaccinations, whether they are good or bad is a topic to debate another time and another place. For this article, we are going on the assumption vaccinations are an important piece of your family's healthcare puzzle. However, the coronavirus pandemic has created an unusual circumstance regarding these annual pokes of prevention. This has doctors with the Louisiana Department of Health concerned.

LDH Director Dr. Frank Welch says his office has noticed a sharp decline in vaccine orders from January of this year through April. Part of the reason for the decline is that many doctor's offices were closed to patients as part of the state's COVID-19 mitigation plan. Also, many residents have expressed safety concerns and fears about entering a doctor's office during the pandemic.

Well, the good news is this. Almost all of those closed medical offices have now reopened and all of those offices are going above and beyond in their sanitization efforts. After all, they are in the business of keeping you well.

LDH doctors say the bigger concern is actually the interruption to your vaccination schedule. This could be anything from the measles or mumps vaccine to a flu shot or an injection for another malady. The annual vaccination process helps the body maintain its ability to fight off certain diseases so a breakdown of the system could pose a larger health concern down the road.

Think of it this way you'll be preventing the prevention if you don't get your vaccinations and get them in a timely manner. We all know how one sickness can change the world. Let's not let that sickness begin with something that we could have prevented in the first place.


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