The Louisiana Senate has just approved legislation that seems to be based on common sense. I am not sure if combining politicians and common sense is a good precedent but the latest legislation approved by the state's upper chamber does seem to fall along those lines. I am speaking of legislation that would help fund repairs and restoration of our state's failing infrastructure with the devices that need that infrastructure to operate.

Okay, in layman's terms the Senate has approved a measure that would divert about 75% of the tax revenue generated by vehicle sales taxes and spend that money on roads and bridges. See? It does make sense. Vehicles use roads and bridges and the money generated by their sales would fund the implementation and upkeep of those structures.

Porche Aerial Imagery via YouTube
Porche Aerial Imagery via YouTube

Proponents of the legislation say the diversion would add about $375 million dollars to the state's infrastructure budget. The legislation would not call for any raising of taxes, no extension of taxes, no reworking of taxes, it would simply take money that is already coming into the state and instead of putting it in the "general fund" bucket, it would go in the "infrastructure" bucket.

So, what about the sudden $375 million dollars less in the general fund. Those who would line up against this legislation would say that's a lot of money that won't be going to higher education or health care or public safety programs. So, maybe it isn't as cut and dried as we thought.

The Louisiana House will now take up the proposal. The House will have to make their review and revisions, if necessary, in a hurry because the current legislative session wraps up later this week.

Oh, not all of our Louisiana roads are in a state of disrepair. Some of them provide a very nice backdrop for a lovely drive through our beautiful state. Wanna see?

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