President Joe Biden has proposed a two trillion dollar infrastructure improvement plan for the nation. Included in that plan is funding for what I believe could be an interesting twist into solving a small portion of Louisiana's travel troubles. That twist would be passenger rail service between Baton Rouge and New Orleans.

The proposed line would include stops in Baton Rouge, Gonzales, La Place, Louis Armstrong Airport, and then terminate in New Orleans a few blocks from the Superdome. I think it would be a safe bet that many of us would use such a service to go to Saints games, Mardi Gras, catch a flight, or even attend concerts in New Orleans.

The line would also benefit the thousands of Louisiana workers who commute into New Orleans or into Baton Rouge. Those with knowledge of the project anticipate the travel time between the two cities would be anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour.

John Spain Vice-President of the Baton Rouge Area Foundation estimates the cost of taking the train from Baton Rouge to New Orleans would cost about the same as paying for one night of parking at Louis Armstrong Airport. You'd also be able to take the train directly to the terminal as well, which would save a lot of time and hassle that comes with schlepping bags through parking garages on the way to your gate.

Spain told the Louisiana Radio Network that the service would likely begin with eight to ten round trips per day. As the service grows in popularity perhaps even more trips would be added. Support is apparently very high for the project across the region. Some polls conducted to gauge interest in the prospect of passenger rail between the Capital City and the Crescent City showed support for the project to be between 60% and 80%.

Of course, for all of this to come to fruition President Biden's infrastructure package would have to be passed and approved by Congress. That is a battle that is just beginning. In the meantime, I like the idea of someone else negotiating the traffic on I-10 between the two cities while I sit and read or enjoy a snack or just contemplate the scenery passing by outside my window. Oh, and I won't miss paying for parking at the airport or Superdome either.

Speaking of parking and driving, with the cost of fuel on the rise train travel is certainly becoming a viable option if you ask me. And speaking of fuel prices, how much are you paying for a gallon of gas these days? Wanna reminisce just a bit when the prices were just a tad or a lot lower?.

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