According to Feministing, Senate Bill 24 will help rid tampon tax in Louisiana thanks to Senator J.P. Morrell's who wants to make sure items like tampons and diapers are exempt from taxation.

To get this bill passed there will have to be a fight  to determine what is a "necessity" and what is a "luxury".

Which is such crap. Feminine Hygiene products are not a luxury. It is a necessity!

  • Money adds up! If you are spending 5-10 bucks every month on tampons, and not mention on how much money spent on diapers.
  • Broken down by Mamma Mia, we’re looking at $120 a year, and you spend around $4,800 on feminine hygiene products in a lifetime.
  • According to Bustle, Other random things are exempt from taxes: cowboy boots, candy, Viagra. Why not tampons?

If this were to be passed it will take affect in January 2018.

"It's always been offensive for me that we do not charge men taxes on Viagra and Cialis because they are prescription drugs. There are a plenty of prescription drugs that fall into a quality-of-life type of category: [Diapers and sanitary products] aren't optional," Morrell told The Times.