If you have a kid in school in Louisiana, you already know - it's picture time.  That wonderful season when the time honored traditions of last minute haircuts and practicing that "picture smile" dominate the family's spare time in preparation for the photograph that will enshrine a students visage into that most important of tomes - the yearbook.  When the photographer snaps the shutter, either your rocking smile and twinkling eyes or your crazy hair and half-sneeze face are frozen in time and locked away in a book that will forever be the reference of what you look like to those you lose touch with.  So, no pressure.

One regular attendee of M.J. Kaufman Elementary School in Lake Charles had no worries this year when it came time to smile for the camera.  Rowdy is a service dog who helps a diabetic student avoid dangerous situations everyday.  This charming pup is specially trained to detect early signs of low (hypoglycemia) or high (hyperglycemia) blood sugar events. This helps his human friend know when to take action, like taking life-saving insulin

Not only is Rowdy a life saver, he's pretty popular.  Students at M.J. Kaufman insisted he be included with the rest of the students.  Photographer Jillian Christine was handling the picture day duties at the elementary school and had the honor of snapping a very distinguished portrait of the dashing dog.  Rowdy looked so go, she couldn't help but share it on her Twitter account.

It's no wonder the tweet has been shared more than 300,000 times, that dog looks good in a bowtie!

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