President Joe Biden, when he wasn't shutting down oil and gas pipelines and drilling, has been busy keeping his promises regarding getting the coronavirus vaccines into the arms of Americans that want it. The President told you and me that his goal was to have 100 million Americans vaccinated against the disease within his first 100 days in office. So far, the President is ahead of schedule.

The White House announced yesterday that 50 million Americans have now been vaccinated and based on the way the vaccines are rolling out, it does look as if the President will be able to meet that 100 million jab goal with a few days to spare.

Obviously, the medicines can't get into people's arms if states don't have the vaccine. Here in Louisiana, we have been handed some good news regarding our state's supply. Dr. Joe Kanter, Louisiana's State Health Officers says we are expected to receive the largest-ever weekly allotment of vaccines next week.

The 134 thousand doses will be made up of 52,650 doses of the Pfizer medicine and 45,000 doses of the Moderna medicine. The number of doses could be bolstered by an additional 37 thousand or so doses of the new Johnson & Johnson vaccine. That vaccine is still awaiting emergency approval by the Food and Drug Administration. The J&J jab is expected to get that approval either later today or sometime this weekend.

The buzz about the Johnson & Johnson vaccine is that it's a single-shot process. The Moderna and Pfizer jabs all take two shots. The J&J jab is reportedly easier to transport and store, so that makes it a very attractive option for those who are seeking a vaccine.

Dr. Kanter's office is reporting that over 600 thousand Louisiana residents have gotten at least one shot of the two-shot vaccine regime. And more and more of the state's residents are getting vaccinated every day.

If you're wondering where or how to get a vaccination for yourself or a family member here are the Louisiana Department of Health guidelines for getting the vaccine. Here is where you can find a vaccination location near you.

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