Thinking about testing your fur-babies for COVID-19? The experts say, "Not so fast!"

Animals, like humans, can indeed contract COVID-19, although the chances are very small. Still, the thought that our little furry loved ones could catch the disease is admittedly scary.

Louisiana SPCA has warned pet-owners against OCIVD-19 testing for pets this week. Louisiana SPCA is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the elimination of animal suffering. They have been committed to serving the needs of the people and animals across Louisiana for more than 130 years.

CEO Anna Zorrilla says that now is not the time to prioritize pet testing. She says since the chances are minimal that your pet can actually get the disease, human testing should be our only focus. She says, “It is a very small chance that your pet can get infected and like humans there is no treatment at the moment if they are infected.”

They also recommend to simply call the pet's vet right away if your little furry one is showing potential COVID-19 symptoms.

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