According to the National College Access Network’s FAFSA tracker, Louisiana ranks number one throughout the nation for application completion for a second year. Louisiana Office of Student Financial Assistance Executive Director Dr. Sujuan Boutté says the numbers are a big win for the state.

“Last year we were at 77.1% and we were up this year to 78.7% of the 47,837 seniors that completed their FAFSA,” said Boutté.

Boutté says the growth in applications has seen an uptick in student activity in becoming more proactive about continuing education beyond high school.

“More students becoming eligible for TOPS, more students graduating, we’re even seeing more increases in the number of students eligible for performance and honors awards of tops,” said Boutté.

Nationwide, 53% of seniors have applied for FAFSA.  Boutté says they’ve found the right tools to get kids on the track for higher learning.

“That broader converstation we found has been one of the most valuable things besides the team effort and using strategies that we’ve proven to be effective with getting word directly to students and parents,” said Boutté,

Tennessee came in at number two followed by Delaware, DC, and New Jersey.

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