This is a wild story from South Louisiana.

This happened down south in Opelousas, where the police were called to a local farm in relation to an animal attacking its owner. The owner's name is Madeline Bourgeois and she claimed the animal attacked her in the pasture. During the attack, Bourgeois claims she repeatedly slapped, hit, and pushed the llama to escape the closed-in pasture.

Once she made it to safety, she grabbed a gun and returned to the pasture, where she shot the llama three times.

The llama somehow survived and was taken to the LSU Veterinary Clinic in Baton Rouge.

The woman was arrested and the sheriff had this to say: "According to the law, Bourgeois had every right to defend herself while being attacked, but was no longer in danger after escaping the pasture.  Ms. Bourgeois retrieved a gun and then returned and shot the llama, which constitutes the charge of felony cruelty to animals.  Bourgeois should have called a vet or animal control for assistance."

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