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Anyone who has been married or with the love of their life for any significant amount of time can tell you that there will be fights.  In fact, most therapists will tell you that a lover's quarrel every once in a while is a sign if a healthy relationship - as long as it isn't destructive or harmful.  That being said, I don't think that the fight that Ebony McGraw had with her husband was good for their relationship (or his health) at all.

According to BR Proud, the woman you see above was arrested for allegedly stabbing her husband at 7:15 this (September 7th) morning.  Monroe Police were called to the pair residence in reference to a report of a stabbing.  The victim (McGraw's unnamed husband) claimed that Ebony became so enraged at his beer purchase - she stabbed him with a kitchen knife.  According to the report, the man told police that his wife mistakenly thought that he used her money to buy his beer and she lost it.

After speaking with Ebony, police asked for (and received) permission to search her car.  That search yielded a kitchen knife in the center console.  She was arrested, and booked into the Ouachita Correctional Center.  Her husband was taken to an area hospital and treated for his injuries.

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