The role of women in America's military is about to have another new chapter written. To try and describe the contributions that females have made to our nation's defense would take a very long time. Those contributions are about to take on what has been quite a controversial topic through the years. The role of American women in infantry combat positions.

Controversial or not, the barrier that has been keeping American women out of infantry combat positions has been broken down. A Louisiana woman has been the first to enlist

in such a position. 25-year-old Grace Barnett of Robeline says it's a great honor for her to serve her country in this  way.  She says she has been working toward this goal for many years.

I love what I did as a police officer. I put my life on the line for people, I served my community and now being in the infantry I can patrol on a wider level and serve on a much larger scale.

Barnett told the Louisiana Radio Network that she was actually surprised to learn that she was the first female to enlist in the infantry.

While Barnett maybe small in stature she suggests that will in no way impede her ability to serve our country.

I know I’m small, I know I’m female but I work in law enforcement, I work out, I run and I’m going to increase all of that to make sure that I’m ready that I’m ready for anything that could be thrown at me.

Barnett plans to spend the next 14 months training to build up her endurance before she ships out to her assignment. She is expected to report to Fort Benning Georgia in June of 2017. She also hopes her decision to move forward with this choice will offer hope and encouragement to other women who have similar dreams.

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