All too often, social media becomes a breeding ground for nay-sayers, negative comments and bad news bears.

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And once again, those who would crow the loudest about how dangerous Shreveport is, with it's high crime rate, will probably ignore the real numbers regarding the implied dangers of living in Shreveport.

Mario Tama/Getty Images)
Mario Tama/Getty Images)

However, numbers don't lie, and when you consider the FBI's latest statistics regarding violent crime and property crime including everything from car jackings to drive-by shootings, Shreveport isn't even in the Top 10 of Louisiana.

Louisiana Is The Third Most Dangerous State In The Country

Don't get me wrong. It's not like we are living in a bubble. Louisiana is still regarded the third most dangerous state in the entire country, it's just that Shreveport isn't the sole reason why we've achieved that position.

The website just updated all the statistics from 2022 and those cities who lead the way with the highest crime rates in all of Louisiana might be a little surprising to you.

10 Most Dangerous Cities In Louisiana

According to statistics from the FBI, these are the Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities in all of Louisiana in regards to violent crime and property crime.

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