'Tis the season for fall festivities!

Fall officially begins on September 23 this year and, if you're like me, you're ready for those fall activities. This season brings so many wonderful things like fairs, markets, Oktoberfest, pumpkin patches, tailgates... the list goes on and on. So what is the one thing you have to do in Louisiana to truly celebrate the fall season?

The Krewe of Boo in New Orleans.

That's according to MSN's list of the Most Fun Attractions for Fall in Every State. Of course, there are a ton of spooky events to take part in this season in New Orleans, but the Krewe of Boo parade is certainly one of the most iconic. Yes, it's a Halloween-themed parade with costumes, props, floats and more. For those who love Mardi Gras and Halloween, you're most likely salivating on your screen right now.

This year's Krewe of Boo parade is set for October 19.

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