Following the recent hazing death of LSU student Max Gruver, school president F. King Alexander has announced that he is banning the use of alcohol during Greek activities until at least January of 2018.

Alexander, in a statement, says he made the decision after reports surfaced of Greek organizations continuing to excessively use alcohol following Gruver's tragic death. Alexander says "these details demonstrate that there are those among us who have not yet absorbed the severity and seriousness of the current situation. It also underscores that there are a few who seek to maintain the status quo despite continued warnings about the dangers inherent in such actions.”

Ten Phi Delta Theta Fraternity members were arrested in connection with the death of Gruver. One man is being charged with negligent homicide. In the wake of Gruver's hazing related deah, LSU created a Greek Life Task.

In January, the task force will present its findings to university officials to evaluate its existing policies and procedures.

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