It's a battle of colleges and universities. Which schools are looking the best in 2018?

Oh college. The good ol' days. I think back on my days in college with a smile on my face. Aside from my degree, I can say those years opened many doors for me. I spent a semester living in New York City, I found my best friends and even found my husband. Thank you, Baylor.

To me, my alma mater will always be the best in the nation. I'm sure you feel the same about your school. However, you and I may be wrong... at least, according to WalletHub's latest study.

The financial site looked at colleges and universities all across the nation to compile their list of "2018's College & University Rankings." To do this, they looked at things like student selectivity, cost, financing and financial assistance, and even career outcomes.

Here are their top 5...

1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
2. Princeton University
3. Harvard University
4. Stanford University
5. California Institute of Technology

As for the state of Louisiana, Tulane is the best ranked school in the state. The Green Wave came in on the list of 500 at number 91. Top 100 ain't too shabby. Louisiana Tech ranked at number 213, University of Louisiana-Lafayette came in at number 373, McNeese State at number 481, and Loyola University found itself at number 492.

LSU was not on the list.

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