It is no secret about the giant game coming on Monday. Tiger vs Tiger. Both teams will put their undefeated season on the line once again as they go head to head. The teams will play in New Orleans, at least we know fans won't run out of beer this time for a game, on Monday.

In preparation for this game, LSU placed a few billboards around the New Orleans area and the rest of the state, with the simple phrase "We Comin". LSU Tweeted out a picture of the boards a few days ago.

It's a phrase that LSU's Coach O is now famous for saying. So famous that it has become a popular GIF to use to help trash talk on social media.

It seems that Clemson is trying to clap back a bit, but only on Twitter since Lamar Advertising being based out of Baton Rouge was booked on room for advertising.

Who will get to raise the trophy on Monday? Only time will tell. Until then, one can only assume the trash talking will just get worse and worse as we get closer to the day!



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