A man found out that his girlfriend was cheating on him when he lifted the seat to the toilet in his house.

Yes, a woman had a one-night stand with someone and when the guy found out that the girl he had just hooked up with had a boyfriend, he left a note for the woman's boyfriend.

Apparently, the guy who hooked up with the female felt terrible after he found out that she was in a relationship so he decided to write a note for her "boyfriend" and he elected to put the note where only he would find it.

The man put the note, which you can read below, under the toilet seat knowing that the woman he hooked up with would never look there.

As it would turn out, the man who was cheated on found the note, and here's what it had to say.

I ask you, what would you have done had you found this note in your house or apartment. Would you be angry at your partner or the person who left the note behind?

Hey, as you can see here, in the last line of this note the guy does apologize to the man when he says, "Sorry Bro."

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