One man in southwest Louisiana took home a massive paycheck after winning the Louisiana Lotto jackpot.

Admittedly, I have invested my fair share into lottery programs. I've never won more than $5 at a time, though, in my many years of purchasing Powerball and Mega Millions tickets. One time, I notoriously came incredibly close to a Mega Millions jackpot, in a way only someone as unlucky as myself could pull off. Once, about three years ago, every single one of my numbers was one number away from the winning numbers, except for my powerball, which was two numbers away.

You'd think after my horrible stretch of misfortunate that I would quit supporting the lottery, but I just can't stop. The reason for that, is that seemingly any week, with a minimal investment, you could win a massive payday. That chance alone is worth the $8 per week that I'm currently spending.

Don't just take my word for it, ask Louisiana Lotto's most recent jackpot winner. Last Saturday's Louisiana Lotto jackpot was a smooth $1.3 Million, and one man from Lake Charles took home the top prize. Terrell Joseph, Sr, 53, stepped forward this week to claim his monstrous prize, which amounted to a little more than $900,000 after taxes were taken out.

Lottery spokesman Dennis Annison says that Terrell wasn't the only big winner in Lake Charles over the weekend. Dennis says, "The ticket was sold at the More for Less #15 store on Ryan Street in Lake Charles with the retailer winning a $13,222 bonus for selling the jackpot prize.”

Congrats to Mr. Joseph on his huge win!

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