A local man says he was asked to take down the Confederate flag he was flying at his camp site at Cypress Black Bayou Park over the July 4th weekend. Jimbo Roberts tells KEEL news he brought his camper out to the park on Thursday, July 2 and put up an LSU flag, an American Flag, a Marine Flag an a Confederate Flag.

Shortly after setting up his camp site, Roberts says a park ranger stopped by and reluctantly told him he would have to take down the Confederate Flag. Robert Berry, Executive Director of Cypress Black Bayou tells KEEL News; "This is a free country and you can fly any flag you want. We had all kinds of flags flying during the holiday weekend. This was a misunderstanding."

Roberts tells us what the Confederate Flag means to him: "that's my southern heritage. I served in the Marine Corps. I was willing to die for my country. That flag is a symbol of living and dying in the south".

Listen to Jimbo's full interview with Robert and Erin below:

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