Haven't we all given up on scoring an ice cream at McDonald's? I can't think of the last time I was able to snag a delicious ice cream at McDonald's. Thanks to a 24-year-old genius America is one step closer to becoming great again. Rashiq Zahid seems to have had enough of driving up to several McDonald's just to get turned away and be told "Sorry our ice machine is broken".

Zahid created a website that has a detailed map that actively tracks which ice cream machines aren't working at over 10,000 different McDonald's restaurants all over America. Mcbroken.com was built in Zahid's home in Berlin, Germany, throughout the course of several weekends. I wonder how many times he heard "The ice cream machine is broken"?

Haven't we all seen the hilarious memes taking jabs at McDonald's ice cream machines? I'm shocked to see the data on mcbroken.com, can you believe all of the ice cream machines are up and running in Shreveport-Bossier? Could it be that we are being lied to every time we go to McDonald's? Are the machines actually working?

According to CNN Business Zahid created the website as a joke. So how does the website work? The genius creator told CNN he built the site using Python and JavaScript, and how it works is by taking information from the McDonald's Android app. aThe program ads an ice cream to the cart at restaurants around the country, if the ice cream machine is "broken" or perhaps is being "serviced", the app will automatically remove the ice cream from the online cart. When that goes down, a red dot goes up on the site. If you see a green dot in your location it means you're good to.


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