Crime-fighters in Marshall, Texas now have a new tool to bring down the bad guys.  It's called the Predictive Policing System.  When I first read the title, I was thinking Minority report.  Turns out it's less "Tom Cruise," and more "The weird new computer-guy from the Avengers:Age Of Ultron"

Avengers 2 Vision Paul Bettany
Marvel/Getty Images

Instead of Paul Bettany swinging Thor's hammer like it ain't no thang, you get a ultra-powerful computer crunching crime data so hard it's able to tell you where a specific type of crime is going to happen - and at what time.

It all works on a principal that police have used since the beginning of police-dom, the gut instinct.  Rooting out crime is essentially studying human nature.  The program that officers in Marshall have been training with since November of last year, compiles all of the filed reports in way that establish usable patterns.  According to KTBS. These patterns along with algorithms that mirror what we can program about human nature, help the MPD focus their resources like a laser!

“This new tool will eventually allow us to predict what area a crime will occur. With that information, we will be able to not only collect data, but develop crime-related forecasts and take action in the community to better protect our citizens.”

Chief of Police Jesus “Eddie” Campa

See?  "Crime-related forcasts."  Can you imagine watching the news and seeing the lead anchor ask for the crime-forcast?  "We've got a 40% chance of robberies in the so and so neighborhood"

iStock - So many crimes!  Why didn't we listen to K945 for the crime-watch forecast?


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