November 9th was a sad day for the Louisiana State Fair and Shreveport in general as massive brawls interrupted what should have been a perfect Saturday.

Some of my fondest memories of growing up in Shreveport center around the Louisiana State Fair. It was a magical place for me as a kid, as it was for many of you I'm sure. It's sad to see videos like this and explain to my own children why we won't be attending this year.

We can do better Shreveport. It breaks my heart to see these videos. Not for the people actually taking part in the fighting and the violence, but all of the little kids who are also there, right in the middle of it. They deserve to enjoy a night at the State Fair with their family. They deserve that magical experience that all kids expect when they see that giant Ferris wheel on the fairgrounds. These kids got that taken away from them and that makes me sick.

The individual fight videos are all over social media, but Timmy Lane shared a post with all of them, which you can see below.



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