Matchbox Twenty recently got together to record their first album in nine years. They didn't get much accomplished the first go round other than drinking some serious wine: $100,000 serious.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the band set themselves up in a complex of cabins in Nashville to begin the work on what would be their first album in nine years. Rather than get straight to work they decided they needed a little help getting the creative juices flowing. That only let to them getting drunk and pretty much staying that way. Guitarist Paul Doucette says, "We were hemorrhaging money.  No joke, most of it was spent on wine.  We just had cases of it.”   Rob Thomas adds, "We drank away a hundred thousand dollars easily."

I understand that drinking a little vino can start the creative juices flowing, but $100,000 worth of wine?!?! That is insane! I would have never guess that Matchbox Twenty were the types to throw down like that.

After three months they had nothing to show for all their time, so producer Matt Serletic put them to rights and we should have a new Matchbox Twenty album due out in September of this year.

The new album doesn't have a title as of yet, but but Rob says they're considering calling it simply Matchbox Twenty or, tellingly, $100,000 Bender.


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