We've been asking you to submit your favorite Christmas memories and heartwarming James Avery Christmas stories to spread the warmth and joy of the holidays with James Avery Artisan Jewelry and KVKI and you've delivered!

Each weekday through Friday, December 21, 2018, during the 12pm hour with Bristol, we'll read one of your stories and the person who submitted it will receive a $50 gift card to James Avery Artisan Jewelry. At the end of each week, we'll put all five stories to a vote and the winner will receive an additional $250 James Avery Artisan Jewelry gift card! James Avery Artisan Jewelry can be found locally in the Shoppes at Bellemeade on Youree Drive in Shreveport and the Dillard’s at Pierre Bossier Mall and Mall St. Vincent and online at JamesAvery.com.

Today's winner is Ken Woolley. Congrats Ken! We hope you enjoy your gift card to James Avery Artisan Jewelry! Here's what Ken had to say:

This is from a few years ago when I drove from Texarkana to Barksdale every day.
Driving home tonight, for some reason I thought of Christmas memories of the past. The winters in Prescott Arkansas when I was seven and eight.

We lived a few miles out of town and way off the highway in a little bitty house which since has been made into a horse barn. It was as my Mom used to say "a quarter mile down the little lane off the main dirt road". What she called a lane wouldn't pass for a logging trail. I had to hike up this lane to the main dirt road to catch the school bus. About half way up there was a creek I had to cross. On rainy days when the creek was up I couldn't get across. I would be so happy that I didn't have to go to school. That is until dad built a little foot bridge.

There were thick woods behind the little house and my brother and I could take ether of two pig trails we called the the short way or the long way, a half mile or so across the woods to Uncle Imam's and Aunt Bess's house every Sunday night to watch "The Wonderful World of Disney" and "Car 54" because they had a TV!

Anyway I remember every year, going out in the woods and looking for a perfect Christmas tree to cut down. There were hundreds of em out through the woods. Red Cedars what they were. It was years later that I learned that they were called the poor man's Christmas Tree. But to me back then they were the best Christmas Trees anywhere.

On Christmas morning I, my brother and three sisters would each get a mesh stocking filled with candy, exotic nuts, one orange and one RED apple. We thought that was special since all we had seen was green apples with some red on em that we picked in the summer. And sometimes Santa brought one toy that we had picked out earlier from the Sears catalog.

I miss those days.
I miss my mama.

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