Tuesday afternoon, Hunter Briery from Benton, LA got a big surprise! Hunter was surrounded by friends, family, teachers as he found out that he and his family were selected for a once in a lifetime trip to Disney World through Kidd's Kids!

Watching the video, you'll see what looks like a typical young man doing his best to be polite while working through the excitement of going to Disney in his head. What you don't see is that Hunter has Spina Bifida, a birth defect that affects the lower back and in extreme cases, the spinal cord. While the outlook for Spina Bifida has dramatically increased over the last decade, there is no cure. Hunter doesn't let his illness stop him though! This young man is incredibly sweet as evidenced by the many teachers and friends that came out to support this incredible family.

We want to thank Miann, John and the rest of the crew at the new Raising Cane's location on Pines Road in Shreveport for hosting Hunter's big reveal. Raising Cane's has been huge supporter of Kidd's Kids and for that, we're eternally grateful!

If you're new to Kidd's Kids, it's a non-profit organization started by the late Kidd Kraddick from the Kidd Kraddick Morning Show that airs right here weekday mornings on KVKI! Kidd's Kids takes roughly 50 kids with life-altering or life-threatening and their families to Disney World each year. It's all about creating memories for these families that don't include doctor visits, hospitals or needles!

Kidd's Kids day is the one day a year that we ask you to dig deep and make a donation to make a miracle happen for these families. This year, that day is Tuesday, October 17, 2017. Not only will you be able to call or text to donate, you'll be able to donate in person at any Raising Cane's location! 'I'll take the Caniac please with a lemonade and add a $20 to Kidd's Kids please.' Boom! One Love!

Hunter is already a spokesperson for Kid's Clinic through Christus Health and the Children's Miracle Network. In fact the folks at CMN came to Hunter's big reveal because they just love him! With his personality and just plain adorableness, we're sure Hunter is going to steal the show when the Kidd Kraddick Morning Show is broadcasting live from Orlando during the Kidd's Kids trip!

BTW, Big Al, we already put Hunter up to telling you you're not so big!

Picture courtesy Renee Baccarie
Picture courtesy Renee Baccarie

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