Michael Thomas has officially set the NFL regular-season receptions record.

Thomas surpassed Marvin Harrison's former record of 143 grabs in a single regular season during the Saints comeback win on the road against the Tennessee Titans this past Sunday. The Saints WR was unstoppable, finishing with 12 grabs for 136 yards and a touchdown.

The significance of Thomas breaking Harrison's single-season catch record isn't really reflected by the numbers alone. Any Saints fan knows that this feat is extra special being that Thomas has been double and triple covered all season long.

Oh, and that little five-game stretch where he didn't even have Drew Brees throwing the ball his way. Plus, did I even mention that he still has one more game to go which will definitely help to raise the record to a level that may be hard to beat for years to come barring any type of insane rule change in the league.

So how can you rep Mike Thomas? Well, you could always grab a jersey—but did you know that Mike has an amazing serious of his own series of 'Cantguardmike' t-shirts? 


He's been releasing them after games all season long and has a bunch of designs that you can choose from to represent the #1 receiver in the NFL—who appreciates the records, but actually has his eyes set on bigger goals.

To be honest, it doesn't really mean nothing. I don't take it for granted. But the fact that we still have more goals as a team -- as far as not the individual stuff that comes along with it -- I would be selfish to be like, 'Oh, I just caught all these passes and did all this.' Ultimately I was catching the passes to win the game, to help my team be in the position we're in now. So I just want to keep catching passes and end up where we're gonna be. ... That's ultimately what I'm here to do, and I feel like if I continue to do that I'll get more passes and I'll break more records.

Who doesn't wanna get behind a guy like this? Best of luck, Mike! Keep killing it!

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