This is not the news that New Orleans Saints fans want to hear right now.

UPDATE: Michael Thomas just announced he is out for the season due to a setback with his ankle injury. See his personal message below.

Other than the message on social media, Thomas didn't go into much detail on his injury, but ultimately said he hopes to return as the player he has "always been" for the "best fans on the planet."

I'm assuming he means Saints fans, but one has to wonder if we've already seen MT in black and gold for the last time.

ORIGINAL STORY: In the offseason, Saints star wide receiver Michael Thomas made headlines when it was reported that surgery on his ankle in June would have him out until at least 5 to 6 weeks into the NFL regular season.

The big controversy behind that news was the fact that Thomas was reportedly supposed to get his ankle issue taken care of way earlier in the offseason but for reasons that we may never really know, the surgery was put off until the summer.

The Saints were clearly frustrated with Thomas and Thomas was clearly frustrated with the team—alluding to the Saints bringing him back to make a playoff run with Brees under center as opposed to getting his ankle issue taken care of with plenty of time to be healed for the 2021 regular season.

So, we're headed into Week 9, and as our team continues to deal with injuries and setbacks Saints fans are asking: "Where is Michael Thomas?" Well, according to NFL Insider Ian Rapoport, the Saints WR is dealing with a "new" ankle issue.

This is not welcome news at all as the Saints are currently in a situation where starting quarterback Jameis Winston has been declared out for the year due to a season-ending injury that he suffered in the Tampa Bay game this past weekend.

It's also frustrating because the Saints' most glaring issue is at the wide receiver position. We didn't make a splash in the offseason and the trade deadline has come and gone without a move being made to acquire any help at wideout.

At this point, you have to wonder if Thomas will even return this season at all as Rapoport says the timetable is "unpredictable." The Saints receiver reportedly set an appointment with a specialist so we will wait to hear more information, but for the time being, I wouldn't get my hopes up for seeing Michael Thomas on the field anytime soon.

Saints fans are reacting to the tweet, with some saying that we're reached a point where it may be time to move on from Thomas.

Others feel like Thomas has "coasted" ever since receiving a big contract from the Saints.

Others brought up the game where Thomas reportedly injured his ankle, suggesting that Sean Payton is to blame.

Then there were those Saints fans who were supportive and encouraged Mike to get healthy so we can see him back on the field when he's fully healed.

You do have to wonder if the Saints have flirted with the idea of moving on from Thomas due to the way this injury situation has played out as well as off-the-field distractions.

What do you think the Saints should do in light of this recent development? Drop a comment and sound off now.

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