If you've never seen a mini donkey before, you're missing out! Some friends of mine that have a farm in the Coushatta, LA area have had to evacuate their mini donkeys due to rising flood waters. We, of course, were more than happy to provide safe refuge!

Meet Piper and Jax, two mini donkeys (aka 'half asses') owned by Kirk and Brooke Calhoun. They arrived at our farm Thursday night and instantly made themselves at home, rolling in the clean shavings and munching on hay. They settled right in and didn't pay our horses any attention. However, our horses, having never seen anything like them, were seriously curious! When it's time to turn everyone out, weather permitting, things could get interesting!

While we hope and pray that the flood waters abate before any serious damage can occur, I plan on playing with their 'asses' as much as possible while they're here! Yep, here come the donkey jokes!

Regardless, these two are incredibly cute and I promise to share more pictures during their stay with us!

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