Any residents of Wyoming, Minnesota, who also happen to be Justin Bieber-averse were warned by their local police force's Twitter to steer clear of drunk driving, lest they be forced to watch the "Sorry" singer's T-Mobile Super Bowl commercial while en route to jail.

"If you drive drunk tonight we're going to subject you to that Justin Bieber @TMobile Super Bowl commercial the entire way to jail," the account posted, 45 minutes into the game.

Then, when a user pointed out the fact that the officers would be forced to watch the T-Mobile ad along with said perpetrator, the police responded, “We make a lot of sacrifices for the safety of our community." Zing!

Whoever runs the Wyoming, MN Police Twitter has a clear grasp on pop culture, based strictly of the employment of memes, hashtags and GIFs:

But the very same account ignited the ire of One Direction fans last year when they threatened to force drunk drivers to listen to 1D cover bands while driving in the police car to jail.

This alone wasn’t enough to upset fans, but their follow-up tweet sure was:

Check out Justin Bieber's T-Mobile Super Bowl commercial below and let us know if watching it is akin to torture.

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