Margo Clendenin is the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals Program Director for CHRISTUS Health in the Shreveport/Bossier City area.

There is no doubt that she loves what she does.

We got the opportunity to talk with Margo about her job and the passion she has for it. She has seen first hand what donation dollars can do for the kids and the program. Check out what Margo said below including how your donation benefits children in our area.

Local Children's Miracle Network Hospitals Facts

  • CHRISTUS Shreveport-Bossier offers 17 signature Children's Miracle Network programs:
    • Baby, Birth and Beyond
    • The Birth Place
    • Cara Center
    • Child Life Specialists
    • CHRISTUS Kids Gym
    • CHRISTUS Pediatric Primary Care
    • CHRISTUS Swim
    • CHRISTUS Strength
    • Kids Clinic
    • Maternal-Fetal Medicine
    • NICU
    • Pediatric Hospital Services
    • Perinatal Transport
    • School Based Health Centers
    • Sports Medicine
    • Teen Mom
    • Wound Care for Kids

Every local dollar donated stays local!

How Donation Dollars Have Helped CMN Hospitals Programs

  •  Tory doll – infant simulator that looks, feels, acts like a real baby. Used to train staff critical care when a fragile pre-term infant is first born, things to help the baby’s breathing survival and on how to handle different situations, insert IV, etc. Also used to train outlying hospitals on how to stabilize a baby after birth until our NICU team arrives. Those first few minutes after birth are crucial, and if the team learns how to stabilize the baby properly, it could save the babies life and prevent any long-term damage

  •  Remodel/relocation of CHRISTUS Kids Clinic – new location in Buckner Square with special floor for PT, new equipment, iPads for therapy, etc.

  • Opened new School-Based Health Center at J.S. Clark Elementary

  • Vein viewer for Birth Place and NICU – can scan an arm to find the vein saving time and unnecessary pain for babies

  • Vision kit for CHRISTUS Pediatric Associates

  • New equipment/room remodel for CHRISTUS Strength

Next week we will be talking to a family that has greatly benefited from Children's Miracle Network Hospitals programs at CHRISTUS.