The massive undertaking that is the coronavirus vaccination program across the country is underway. Granted, it's not "perfect" by any stretch of the imagination but the vaccines are rolling out and being administered, mainly to healthcare workers as of now.

However, the standards for who is eligible to be vaccinated are changing as progress is made in the vaccination program across the nation. As of today, Monday, January 4th people over the age of 70 in Louisiana and those on dialysis can now be vaccinated. Others who are now in the eligibility window for the vaccine include schools of allied health students, residents, and staff plus home agency patients and personnel.

Just to be clear, even if you feel you are well within the parameters to receive a vaccination you'll still need to make arrangements to receive one. You can get information on what pharmacies are offering the vaccines and you can also make an appointment to get one if you qualify by visiting the state's COVID vaccine site. 

According to Governor John Bel Edwards, both the Moderna and the Pfizer vaccines are available in the state of Louisiana. According to Edwards, the vaccines have shown to be nearly 95% effective in preventing cases of COVID. Perhaps even more reassuring is the fact that the vaccines have a virtual 100% effective rate in preventing the most severe cases of the disease.

In some cases, specifically the Pfizer vaccine, two doses of the vaccine are necessary in order for you to receive maximum protection from the injection. As always we suggest you consult your personal healthcare team before making any decisions regarding your health or your family's health.

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