Here at ScreenCrush, just like everywhere else, we love the porgs. The porgs are great. They’re small, furry, bird-like alien creatures who hang out with Luke Skywalker on his cold exile island and are generally the best things ever created, and I won’t hear another word about it.

Rian Johnson recently obliged a fan who tweeted at him in the early hours of this morning, asking for more information about these illegally adorable little beasts. Johnson was happy to still some more details about them:

Okay, so, to recap: they’re birds (though they don’t have beaks), they can be different colors (probably meaning different shades of brown, gray and white), the males are bigger, they can FLY even with those teeny little penguin wings, and they’re inquisitive. Which means they’ll waddle right up to Rey when she gets there and sniff around all of her stuff and mess with her clothes and oh my god can The Last Jedi just be two hours of this? Who cares about the First Order when there are porgs to cuddle??

There are also some rumors that hint that the porgs are on Luke’s island, Ahch-To, for a reason. But what that reason is, no one knows. Do they have something to do with the Jedi? Are knights reincarnated as porgs after they die in battle? Is this what Obi-Wan means when he said he’d become more powerful than Vader could possibly imagine?

Star Wars: The Last Jedi hits theaters December 5.

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