A mother of four from England is being slammed on social media for admitting she has a favorite child, begging the question, do you have a favorite child?

According to US Weekly, Alisha Tierney-March says her third child, Kennedie, is her favorite, and she thinks it's because she was able to bond with her while breast feeding. Her two oldest girls weren't breast fed and her fourth child is a boy... and she was really hoping for another daughter. 

This Morning and co-host Holly Willoughby expressed concerned regarding the emotional impact the favoritism could have on the other children in the family. The sentiment was echoed by viewers on Twitter.

According to what I've been able to find, having a parent who plays favorites with their children happens more than you may think. While most parents try to play fair, in a recent survey,
NY Post says that 23% parents say they have a favorite child and that it tends to be their youngest. A little more than a quarter of parents say they favored their oldest child and it turns out that middle children were last on their parent's list of favorites. That same survey found that grandparents have favorites, too! So that begs the question, if you're a parent, do you have a favorite child? Be truthful, we're not asking for your information, just your honest answer!

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