This time of the year is my favorite time of the year. And its my favorite time for one simple reason...PLAYOFF HOCKEY! In the sports universe, there is literally nothing as exciting or awesome as playoff hockey. And this weekend at George's Pond, we get to enjoy another round of Playoff Hockey as the Bugs are back in town to take on the rival Lone Star Brahmas.

To help the Mudbugs maximize their home ice advantage, the team is urging fans to 'White Out the Pond'. For those unfamiliar with the term..basically, Scott Muscutt and company want you to wear white to the games and be as loud as humanly possible. In essence, we are turning into a human avalanche this weekend to choke the life out of the Brahmas.

Passion and energy have plentiful all season at George's Pond. But, this is the playoffs. This is the Mudbugs driving towards a Robertson Cup. If you want to get nuts, THIS is the time to get nuts!

If you don't have tickets yet for the games this weekend, you have plenty of options. You can buy them at any local Brookshire's location, you can stop by George's Pond and buy them there or you can visit the Mudbugs' website.

No matter how you get your tickets, make sure we see you this weekend at George's Pond!

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