Anytime the Mudbugs tangle with the Brahmas, expect non-stop excitement. That's what thousands of fans witnessed during Puck Wars weekend.

The geeks were out and about all weekend long at George's Pond, with Friday and Saturday night bringing in huge attendance numbers. Puck Wars with Geek'd Con did not disappoint, with amazing contests and prizes, wonderful cosplay, and of course, tremendous hockey.

Friday night, the Mudbugs unfortunately fell to Lonestar in a close game. The game also featured a very controversial waived-off goal against the Mudbugs.

Saturday night was one of the best hockey games in recent memory. The Bugs and Brahmas both went back and forth, with the Mudbugs opening up a 2-0 lead early, followed by Lonestar scoring two goals to tie it up within two minutes of each other. When regulation ended, the teams were tied 3-3 and heading to overtime. Capping off an incredible weekend at George's Pond, the Mudbugs scored the OT game-winner against the top team in the NAHL South.

The boys will spend next weEkend on the road, and will return to Shreveport on march 20th and 21st.



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