Shreveport Mudbugs
Shreveport Mudbugs


It was a weekend full of excitement at George's Pond with the Shreveport Mudbugs.

This weekend featured an exciting theme night: Guaranteed Win Night. This is one of my personal favorite themes considering how wildly superstitious the sport of hockey is, it just seems bonkers to guarantee a win.

That's exactly what they did though, promising fans in attendance that if the Mudbugs were to lose, all fans would receive a free ticket to Saturday night's game. Fortunately for the 'Bugs (and the front office), they were wildly dominant on the ice, winning 6-0.

They backed that performance up with a 3-0 victory Saturday night.

The Mudbugs will be back in action next weekend, hosting Puck Wars with specialty Darth Vader-esque jerseys!


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