For the first time in a long time I was able to watch the Grammy's from start to finish! I'm usually distracted by other things going on in the house, but this year was a bit different, mainly because my eleven year old daughter was more interested in watching the show with me than in previous years! She recognized several artists, Demi Lovato and Ariana Grande for example, from shows she watches or watched in the past on Teen Nick!

Overall, I thought the show was great. There was a little something for everyone no matter what style of music you're in to. The performances spanned the spectrum and years too. When narrowing down my favorite moments of the awards show it was kind of hard. I probably could have easily given you my top eight or top five moments, but I've decided to give you my top three favorite moments from the 2016 Grammy Awards.

  • 1

    Lady Gaga's tribute to David Bowie

    The technical aspect of this performance was outstanding and song selection that represented his career was spot on!

  • 2

    Stevie Wonder announces Song of the Year

    Before announcing that Ed Sheeran won Song Of The Year, he took a moment to call attention to something that affects him personally and said "we need to make every single thing accessible to every single person' and then announced Ed's name for the reveal card that was stamped in braille!

  • 3

    Broadway performance of Hamilton

    The Broadway musical 'Hamilton' was one of the best moments to me. Now, I'm not a broadway- theatre - show kind of person, but I just thought it was really interesting and different and stood out.