Last nights' NCAA Men's Basketball Championship Game was one for the ages! A final 3-point shot at the basket right at the buzzer wins it all for Villanova! When this tournament was set with the sixty four teams back in mid-March I went into picking my bracket blindly, choosing teams left and right with no rhyme or reason because I do not follow or know anything about college basketball,  However, my luck took one of my picked teams to the finals!

I had no chance in winning the bracket challenge, because I was knocked out of it way back in the beginning when I chose Michigan to win over Notre Dame. Well, we all know the outcome of that game and my bracket had instantly lost! However, I kept playing along because I still had a team that was in it to the finals and that was Villanova! Although I knew I couldn't win with my bracket, it was nice knowing I picked a team to go all the way to the finals! As I watched the game last night, like a lot of people, I thought it was going into overtime. But it didn't happen thanks to the buzzer beating three point shot!

Now, had I made one correction in my bracket - changing the winner in the championship game - there would have been a completely different outcome! I'm just glad I made it as far as I did with my guessing!

Bring on the 2017 tourney! I'm ready for more guessing and winning!

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