My son, Deacon, is 8 years old.  Raising him in the digital age is crazy!  Half of the time, I don't know if I'm being to hard or too soft when it comes to video games.  Some of the most innocuous games could open the door to all kinds of weirdos.  I found out the other day that Deacon's Roblox game allowed anybody to log in, play, and even chat in a pretty much unsupervised arena.  We don't play that game anymore, obviously.   My point is, it's much more effective to teach your kids to do the right thing than to try and shield them from the world.

That brings me to a situation I ran into just the other day.  My son was playing video games with his friend, and I overheard him say "I don't want to shoot the horses and civilians."  Unbeknownst to be me, he was playing Assassins Creed.  I don't like the violence of this game for my son, but I love the historical aspect of it.  I have played with my son and let him play it as well while supervised.  To hear him use good judgement when he didn't think I was listening was a pretty cool moment for me.  I was hearing my words coming out of his mouth.  It made me very proud of him, and gave me confidence to know that I'm doing ok with the boy.


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