A mysterious illness is impacting vapers and E-cigarette users across the country and the Louisiana Department of Health is warning medical professionals to keep an eye out for symptoms.

Assistant State Health Officer Dr. Joe Kanter says they’ve only discovered isolated incidents so far, and it does not appear to be widespread.

“There’s been over 200 of these cases reported across the country, there’s been one fatality, and over the past couple of weeks in Louisiana we have had nine cases be reported to us.”

Those affected ranged from ages 20 to 33.

Health officials aren’t sure what is causing the respiratory problems in smokers, but Kanter says they have a few ideas of what it may be.

“There could be additives or containments. Some of the cases were related to counterfeit vaping products instead of brand name products.”

Kanter says if you are a vaper and have recently begun suffering from any of these symptoms, go see a doctor.

“If you begin to develop respiratory type symptoms, we’re talking cough, severe shortness of breath, things that are abnormal to you it is worth your while to get it checked out.”

Kanter adds the recent vaping craze has undone years of work getting kids to stop taking nicotine products.

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