A Florida man was arrested after crashing a police cruiser off the side of Interstate 10 near Jacksonville. The screaming, naked man was taken into custody after driving the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office police cruiser into a ditch.

Check out the full news report from @news4jax via Instagram below

According to the above report, the naked man was apprehended by officers after emerging from the police cruiser screaming. With a plethora of officers on hand, the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office was able to apprehend the man and get him medical attention.

The report from News4Jax says that a Jacksonville Sheriff's Officer saw the naked man on the side of the interstate and pulled over to try to help him. After the officer pulled over, the man "became combative" and ran to the police cruiser where he hopped in and took off.

A short time later, the naked man crashed the cruiser into wooded area off the side of I-10 which is where the arrest was made.

I wasn't sure if the whole "Florida Man" stereotype was going to hold its shape, but clearly men in Florida have a knack for doing the most wild stuff imaginable. Of course, every wild act is multiplied by 100 when they are completely naked. Just another day in the life of a Florida resident!

You can check out the full article from @wjxt4 via Twitter below

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