Sometimes you just absolutely must have a cold refreshing Dr. Pepper on your lips. And sometimes to achieve such an accomplishment you have to take matters into your own hands.

A Panama City man was arrested last weekend after he crashed his vehicle into a business to steal a Dr. Pepper.

Let that visual sink in for a second.

Bay County Sheriff's deputies were called to the Re-Rack Bar in Panama City last Friday morning in reference to a burglary.

Deputies say 28-year-old Gavin Lee attempted to get into the bar earlier that morning even though it was closed. When he had no luck getting in, officials say Lee drove his Ford F-250 through the front glass and entered the bar.

Once in the bar, Lee entered the cooler and got him a Dr. Pepper from the cooler. He then sat at a table inside the bar and drank his stolen beverage.

Oh, deputies say Lee had a Ruger LCP handgun in his pocket.

He was arrested and charged with armed burglary. But alas, his thirst was quenched.


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