This is gross, but it could be strangely therapeutic if you've been scorned and want to see your ex's namesake rat devoured by an enormous python on social media. It's happening this Valentine's Day.

It's more than naming a cockroach after your ex for Valentine's Day and getting a certificate in the mail.  This takes the tradition to a whole new level. They're calling it "Cry Me a Cockroach."

The San Antonio Zoo is planning to post a feeding frenzy on its social media pages this Valentine's Day, showing roaches and mice being fed to reptiles.  The prey could be named Todd, Jackson, or Britney, and their real-life ex-lovers will be watching it all go down.  Literally.

If you donate $5, the zoo will symbolically name a cockroach after your ex.  For $25, a rat or other rodent can have the namesake and be fed to the zoo's flock of reptiles.

(Here's the slightly good news.  The rodents are pre-frozen, which might help the squeamish a little bit.)

There will also be a vegetarian-friendly option.  For $5, a zoo worker will feed cabbage, romaine lettuce, and other greens to a plant-eating animal.

You can get the process started HERE, and see the 2020 feeding frenzy while you're at it.  Komodo dragons, lizards, and birds got really full because so many people suffered nasty breakups.  These animals have to be pretty darn happy that humans have so many failed relationships!  It's like Thanksgiving Day for them.

Money raised will help the zoo expand its jaguar habitat with a connected overhead catwalk.

Can the Caldwell Zoo do this?  We'll keep an eye on the reptile house.  And, if your relationship is still intact, the zoo is open from 9 am to 3:30 pm daily, and it would make a great date day.

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