National Geographic was in town today to do a documentary on the incredible salvinia problem on Caddo Lake.

It hasn't been announced yet as to when the documentary will hit the air, but we will let you know as soon as we know.

For those unfamiliar, salvinia ain't no joke and it has absolutely taken over the lovely Caddo Lake. Salvinia is a floating fern that comes from Brazil, and once it takes root it can cover acres of water in just a few days. The worst part? It's incredibly hard to get rid of, due to it's rapid growth.

The documentary will take viewers out on flatboat through those troubled waters, and across the border into Texas where efforts are underway to create a creature that can go toe to toe with growing menace.

Yes, believe it or not, folks in Uncertain, TX, are currently breeding a type of weevil that literally only eats salvinia.

Once again, we'll let you know when the documentary is set to air!



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