This just goes to show that this fight against COVID-19 isn't quite done yet.

Of course, we're certainly much closer to the end than the beginning, but we're not there yet. Granted, if you would have asked me back in January if I expected to be at this level of normalcy any time soon, I would have said no way. The amount of progress we've made in 2021 is truly astonishing, when you think about it.

Experts predicted us to be very much in the grips of COVID-19 deep into the summer and even into the winter and into 2022. That was then, and now, we're slinging vaccines left and right and there is a growing sense of safety spreading throughout our community. Don't take my word for it, just go out and about in Shreveport-Bossier. You'll see bigger crowds and less masks than you've seen since pre-pandemic. Of course, we are still under a mask mandate in our state and while I'm tired of wearing masks just like everyone else, I think it's important that we don't slack up in the mask department.

This goes to both those who are fully vaccinated and those who don't plan on taking the vaccine at this point. Our vaccines are impressively good at what they're designed to do, but at the same time, they do not have a 100% guarantee to protect you from COVID-19.

In fact, so far, 126 Louisianians who are fully vaccinated have tested positive for COVID following their final vaccine shot. The experts say it takes two weeks after your final vaccine to become "fully vaccinated".

In a way, that number speaks to just how effective our vaccines have been. As of this writing, 834,000 Louisianians are fully vaccinated, and that number should grow exponentially in the coming weeks as many of us complete our two-shot vaccine.

That number also speaks to the fact that no vaccine can be 100% effective, and we should stay vigilante until we're all completely out of the woods.



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