Are you spending more now than usual? You're not alone.

I can say with certainty I have spent more over the last 5-6 weeks than I ever did on a normal basis before COVID-19. While I'm not going out and shopping every week, and I'm certainly not buying an astronomical amount of stuff for recreational purposes, I have definitely spent some serious cash. I was working home for the past 5 weeks, and groceries alone for my two daughters and myself easily grew far past my normal spending.

I also maybe dove into online shopping binges once or twice.

Also, upgrades internet and added a few streaming options for my incredible bored kiddos.

According to WalletHub, nearly 60 Million of my fellow Americans feel my pain.

When studying spending habits during our COVID-19 pandemic, the website found that 58 million Americans say they are spending more now, as opposed to before the virus.

The entire study is pretty eye-opening. You can read it HERE.

So, are you spending more money now while social distancing?



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