Class is officially canceled: Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide is not getting the reboot treatment.

Actor Devon Werkheiser, who played main character Ned Bigby on the beloved 2000s series, revealed the reason why a reboot isn't in the cards despite the original cast and crew's willingness to make it happen.

"For the last two years of my life, bringing the Ned's Declassified Adulthood Survival Guide reboot to life has been a huge goal of mine," Werkheiser said in a video. "Imagine Ned, Moze and Cookie getting out of college, struggling through their twenties, bringing you tips on taxes, online dating, self-care, roommates, budgeting, all of it."

"I wanted it for you, and I wanted it for me, and I thought it would be amazing to make a self-help sitcom for a generation that could use a friend," he added, confirming that Lindsey Shaw and Daniel Curtis Lee — who played Ned's BFFs Moze and Cookie on the show, respectively — were on board, along with the original creators and producers, Scott and Michelle Fellows.

"But we don't own the rights to Ned's Declassified," Werkheiser explained. "So we pitched it to Nickelodeon and Awesomeness TV, who do own the rights to it, and they passed on it and won't let us take it to sell it somewhere else. So, for now, the reboot's dead and, um, I'm really sad, and uh, thanks for being fans."

Watch his full video on TikTok, where he frequently provides his tips and tricks to survive adulthood, below:

If you're in need of a nostalgic fix, the show in its entirety is available to stream via Paramount+ on Amazon Prime.

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