Hooking up with a delivery nurse should be the furthest thing on a new dad's mind while in the delivery room with his wife who's about to give birth to his child, but that's exactly what this new dad was thinking and wanting to do! I've heard of the 'Missed Connection' page on Craigslist, but have never really read through it because I honestly have no reason too, but this loser posted the following message on a Jacksonville, NC Craigslist Missed Connection page,


Here's the text from the post in an easier to read format:

This is probably a long shot but you were the nurse taking care of my wife while she was having our baby. I enjoyed our eye contact and would really like to talk to you more. Maybe tomorrow I will be there most of the day and I will bump in to you in the hall way or see you at the nurse station."

I'd think the new dad would be more focused on providing support for his wife whose about to go through a lot of pain for him as she brings his child into the world.

Now this could be a fake post on the site (as I'd hope it would be), but nonetheless, it's posted out and there could be a little truth to it. If there is some truth, this delivery nurse has to know this new dad is really the worst dad ever!

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