With much of New Orleans without power after Hurricane Ida, the mayor of the city had a harsh warning for anyone who may be contemplating looting.

Mayor Cantrell warned that if anyone is caught looting in New Orleans that they will be locked up and charged with a felony.

We saw what happened after Hurricane Katrina and now city officials are doing their best to not allow that type of looting to happen again.

According to a Tweet sent out by the mayor, "New Orleans Police has deployed anti-looting teams across the city in order to protect our citizens' property as we continue the recovery process."

It sounds like the city is ready to protect property while so many are away or without power and they most certainly will not tolerate any looting in the city.

However, videos have surfaced online that does appear to show some looting a local business in New Orleans. But contrary to reports, there has not been widespread looting in New Orleans following the hurricane.

With power being out across the region, this is certainly something we will have to watch in the days and weeks ahead.  

Here is the video of purported looting in New Orleans that officials seem to be aware of.

In a separate incident, a Dollar General in New Orleans East was looted and police were able to take one suspect into custody. Sadly, by all indications, the store is "trashed."

In another video, two men are seen trying to break into an ATM machine. The machine was in a store that burnt down in the 9th Ward and a drone caught them in the act. One guy noticed the drone and walked away in apparent defeat.

If you want more videos of looting in New Orleans here's another video that has just surfaced online. Sadly, we will see many more videos like this, even with the mayor's harsh warning.

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